Movie Day!

What’s your favorite movie that moved you a lot? We need a break to calm our mind with our busy schedule everyday. Have you ever feel good after watching a movie? I do all the time as I learned the revelation from each movie…There are few movies I like to share with you. The Blind Side, Impossible and Lion are the movie without any complex stories behind but inspired by real story. It makes me think and learn from the movie that I think you can apply in your life too.

Recently, I watched The Blind Side again and make me feel there are kind people out there. There are some kids do we our help and guide to be a better person. They are many people that we could help with…If you never try to help someone, you will feel good if you try today. It makes you feel great and lovely person as kindness is the beautiful gift.

Safe haven is a story from a book. Never ever give up to pursue your freedom and love with courage heart. We never know what is the next chapter if we never try right? Go for it to fight what you want to be in your relationship. You feel powerful of love can change ones destiny for good.

Lion and impossible are the touched movies. I just love the real stories of these two movies that bring out a message of never give up…You will know what I mean if you have chance to watch it one day! Both movies are very moved to the audience. I prefer true stories. It can send the important message and lesson especially for those who had the similar experience.

  1. Safe HavenImage result for safe haven
  2. The Blind Sitethe_blind_side1
  3. The Impossible
  4. Lion
  5. The Notebook

Hope¬†you love the movies recommended and please share yours favorite to us…

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