How I Start Blogging?

Blogging becomes one of my favorite hobby during my spare time. It’s beautiful and quiet practice when I express my thought and feeling in words. I love to write and depict my inner feeling when I confront something that I think it should be elaborated it in words. I think blogging it’s good hobby for introvert people as they like to observe, listen, express their feelings through writing it down.

By writing,  it is one of the best way to understand my inner voice. When I lost and down, I like to write down the feeling and thinking towards the situation and things that I faced. It does relieve my stress by calming down the anxious and restless mind.

Thanks God, I able to find the answer by writing when something is keep bothering me. Writing can soothe from all the uneasy feeling and doubts happened in my life. It’s just like a riddle found its answer. Many times I feel much better and peace after I jot down each of the thoughts and questions. It sure has the answer and you can try with this method to understand yourself more. It makes myself clear and alert on what is really happening around me till I understand why it affects my mood always.

Of course sharing your stories with someone you can trust with is another good way to express yourself. We just need to find and talk to the right person which I think it is very important Sharing with someone who understand you well so that he or she can advise you or provide any other alternative option to solve your problem.

Keep improving by reading is another effective way to calm my derange thought. I learn the message send by each author which has inspired me a lot to see different things in more objectively. Knowledge is powerful especially those writers who shares their own true life experience as a guideline to the reader. I hope you could learn something from all the things that I went through and how to cope it as an ordinary woman as me.

I know it’s never easy to change someone thinking towards us. I had a challenging experience at work where a depressed colleague has been keep bothering me since the first day I joined the company. Well, I could say it is my first experience in dealing with such person. After been through with few arguing between us, I chose to apologize to him regardless who is right or wrong. I start to read more information about depression. At least, I learned something new after the experience and sharing it here for a guidance tips.

On the other hand, writing is the best remedy for healing the depression and emptiness especially for an introvert person by creating your own blog. I do feel much much better each time I express myself by the wording. It has changed my mood and anxiety after foster the writing as one of my favorite my habit.

Many of us like to drag the sorrow to make things get to negative side. Why should we since we live once in a life. I found the clear direction in my life after cluttering and clearing my chaos life by compiling it together in wording. I feel grateful and abundance ever since  I start created my own blog.

Start from today, let’s get rid of those depressed, miserable, and anxiety regardless the failures or mistakes that we had made in the past. After all, we just a human being and should learn how to let things go.


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