You Never Be Alone…


Go with the flow

We can’t force many things in life. It just like things are always out of our control. Either we take it or leave it to make ourselves feel better and lighter…
If you are looking for a stable relationship, just let the nature takes it course. Many people stop by and left us without even care of our feeling, so why should we be so serious. It’s fair game to everyone, people are happy why should we sad solitary with our own sorrow tears.

We should move on with stronger breath. Each lesson must bring its own reason behind to make us be stronger and tougher. Stop self-pity by and listening sad songs or drinking. It won’t ease your pain and wound but make you go deeper and deeper to the darkness.
I should thank those who hurts me intentionally and walk away without even caring and noticing the pain given in my life. I should learn from them by how to walk away without caring other feelings.
The remnant of memories bring us a beautiful stories in life if we think it in positive way. Those scars make us stronger each time we coped and faced it. But one thing I learned that human are selfish. Thus, start to protect your own feeling by not letting others torment you.
Don’t be a weak and sensitive person. Cherish what we have in our lives. Look the things and people who you love and care. Cultivating you own hobbies and increasing you knowledge is more content compare to soak yourself into depress and sadness everyday.
Time is the best medicine to heal all the wounds,
I start to cultivate my own hobbies to forget the pain in life.









Playing instrument



preparing food

Perhaps you can do even better than me by creating your new chapter of happiness.

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