Love Yourself Before Others…

Do you know you are the unique gift created by the God regardless who you are or how you look like. Thus, love yourself first so that you know how to love others. But how many of us know about this? We ignore this part due to we forgot loving ourselves is important.


Everyone has their own mission and duty deliver to others. Start understanding and knowing yourself is the first step to be happy again. Agree? If you lack of confident, it’s time to build your own personality. It is significant to shape your life from the attitude in you.

Will you respect someone who knows how to express themselves?

Will you prefer someone who share their thoughts to you?

Will you amazed on someone who voice out if they see things go wrong?

Honestly, I will as those are very important criteria of being confident and strong personality.

 Build Your Own Character

This is the very first step to love yourself before anyone else. Do not follow someone that you like or admire with. We all are from different culture and background, so shape your thought to build who you want to be is a key of happiness. We should practice how to be humble but not arrogant, be firm when you fight for the right things but not brutal. Don’t step back or afraid of things that you think it’s wrong. Stand up and voice out is better than being a coward. Believe me, you always feel good when you comment and express the point of view from yourself. Perhaps attending some personal training or reading more is helpful to create and find the real of you.


Learn How To Say “NO”

Start to reject things and people you don’t like. It’s nothing wrong to follow our heart in stead of making ourselves feel bad to do things that we really unwilling and unwanted to do it. Say No to those you don’t feel comfortable with, do not let other try to take advantage from us is a wise way to protect our feeling. Many times I had difficulties to reject someone for things that I don’t want to accept it. For example, I feel embarrassed to refuse the offer of lunch invitation from someone I really don’t like, due to other friends who kept begging to join together, I joined with reluctantly. I realised I was super unhappy during the entire lunch and asking myself why I suffered myself to have lunch with someone I’m not comfortable with. Then I quit to say ‘Yes” after deciding do not repeat the same thing happen again. I feel much better ever since I turn down things and people that I don’t like. I found spending time with those I love is much worthy and happy.


Pamper Yourself

Reward yourself if you need it. Take a short trip to refresh your busy schedule of life. You will found the huge benefits of taking a break. If you are workaholic, try to balance your working schedule by spending more time with your family or friends. Indeed. everyone deserve a rest. We only be able to walk further with proper rest. Sooner or later you will find the meaning of life if you get the good balance between work and family.

Dine in a fancy restaurant once a while with your loved one, your family or friends if you think you need it. Don’t wait for any special day, anniversary or festival celebration but just do it when you feel good and happy about yourself.

Listening Your Inner Voice

Understand your feeling can’t be ignored. Don’t try so hard to pleased everyone. Family and friends will never make you do things that you don’t want to. So stop grab their attention by making yourself in hard situation. You will feel exhausted and overwhelming if you keep pleasing others to maintain the relationship or friendship. They will understand you if they care and love you. Say things that what you really mean it but not what others like to listen. However, many people feel hard to do it. If we don’t care of our feeling, who will care about us? If we don’t protect our feeling, eventually we will get hurt. Quit the weakness today and start listen to your own feeling.

Be Tough In All Circumstances

Will you be afraid when you are facing any difficulties or challenges? I guess many of us do…We run away, cry, depressed, taking drug, and etc from the problems we faced. Focus the issue, face it and stay calm to deal with all the issues that we encountered. Running from the problems is very unwise.

I hope I knew all the above tips when I was younger but it’s never too late to start and build from now.

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