Never Underestimate Yourself

Have you ever heard about half-full or half-empty glass inspiration? Positive people are blessed as they still have the half full of water. However negative people are sad as they see it as half-empty glass. Well, we like to compare ourselves with others till make us feel incomplete, insecure, unhappy and dreary. It’s one of the human weakness that we always see the things that we don’t have in life.However, we never know how blessed and fortune we are because we forgot the true value into ourselves. We feel hopeless if we keep facing failures to get what we want. Do you know that the success story is the accumulated number of failures. No one will be successful without experienced the failures. A good example is our great inventor Thomas Edison who had learned experienced countless failures experimental for inventing the light bulb before he succeed to invent the great and powerful light bulb.

We all are a gift of God, if you believe it, you know there are some talents was born in you. The thing is you just need some times to discover and exploit it. Try to ask yourself today, what are you good at? This is a very crucial question to ask yourself for finding the real talents in you. Drill and develop your skill, hobby, and interest to change and be better of you. Who knows one day you can be successful by developing your skills to make more income. We never try never know, so just do it by today, nothing lose…


People are too scared of leaving their comfort zone. What is the big deal if you change the job that you are unhappy with? Will you get hurt or something from changing? The answer is obviously no. In contrast, you will find the fun due to able to meet new people and widen your knowledge to advance and enhance your career path. You never going to predict your future if you stay with the comfort zone too long.

If you unhappy with current relationship due to many reasons and factors, it’s time to change it. Try to join some group activities with friends, it helps to enlarge your social network and make you feel productive and sociable.  You may stop in learning and improving yourself  when you stick with one person in a relationship. Explore yourself more by enhancing new information from friends is more healthier.Don’t give too many excuses to stop achieving your desires and dreams. Time is money, we have wasted too much time in hesitation, fearful, blaming and doubtful due to our weakness and failure in the past. In stead of spending your time on social media, why don’t investing it by creating a new path and direction to your future. Isn’t a good thing to build and explore something that you love to do? If so, go for it now. No more hesitating or delaying ok?

It’s all about our mind and attitude…I strongly believe that mindset become attitude where action taken from our attitude. Clear your chaos minds today and write it down what you want to be which it helps you better to understand your goal.

I wish you could achieve your goal with a good planning. Collect yourself together in one piece, gather the information that you are plan to do it, it is never late to start something till we success.

You never know the beauty scene of the mountain If you never make your first step to climb up on it. Move your body and plan ahead, successful path is waiting for you to grab it.

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