Write a Letter to Yourself

Folks, we like to share our thoughts and feeling on social media but have you ever think of writing a letter to yourself? Through this way, you are more clear to know what exactly you want and missing in your life. Listen to your heart what you really want in life. It is effective method to understand in depth about yourself.

You may ask some questions before you start writing by 5W+1H:

  1. What is your goal in life?

    Being a successful business person?

  2. Who will you gonna to be in the next five years?

    Promoted to be a manager?
  3. Where you like to achieve your goal?

    Pursue your dream in other states or country?
  4. Which method is the best to achieve your goal?

    Which country you plan to visit with your family or friends?
  5. Why you want to change the current situation?

    Is it unhappy or suffocate for the current relationship?
  6. How you going to achieve your goal?

    Completing bachelor or master degree?

The most important point is what you want to tell yourself in the past and future? I bet we all have changed compare with the last year. If you get a car on July 26, 2016, what about today? Do you want to get other thing by today? Perhaps you get promoted by your boss in this year…Things are always change but is it what we planned for?

New Year’s resolution is a new start to everyone for embracing a new year coming. We set many goals that we wish but we can’t accomplish it in the past year. Some people might set a goal of losing weight, traveling few countries, completed some courses, settle down with your loved one, plan to having a baby and etc. All those plans are good start to write it down to remind us the unfinished plan and desire goal.

At Work

You may like to improve certain skills to advance your career path. Then go for learning new skills by attending some training or courses. You may need a break after work hard in the past few years. So plan for a unwind trip to release the stress which I think everyone should deserve it.



You may like to reform the relationship with your other half. Telling yourself to be more understandable by developing good communication can’t be ignorance for a couple. Calm your mind to find a way to solve the broken relationship. Write it down what you want a relationship in your life? You will have clear picture that in what relationship you are looking for.

We always ignore our own feeling which is extremely unfair and unhealthy to be happy. Telling yourself what do you want and desire is straight forward to understand your inner needs. Raising more questions that you always are confused or doubt, the answer should be the next step to know yourself better.

Do you have a hobby to write your grateful things in diary? It’s workable for me as I learn how to be thankful things happened to me everyday. I become more grateful person when I did jot down the things that I feel blessed and glorious.

Stop being swing by the negative mood and drown till drag ourselves into depression. Starting from now, wake up and refresh your minds. You might start to love your handwriting, start to like by cleaning the chaos feeling in your heart and mind.

So do yourself a favor, clean your soul by writing you a letter. Create a new chapter of your life. Stay with me to share your chapters.  Hope to hearing from your stories.

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