Knock Down The Bad Mood by Sweating Your Body Today

Believe me, I’ve been through the process by sweating my body when I feel depressed. The energy of shaping your positive vibe created right after the workout. You feel lighter and higher in mood from the workout you just did. For me, it’s best remedy to heal your melancholy.

Yoga is the best ideal to calm our distressed and anxious mood. It’s the best way to cure the negativity thinking compare in taking the supplement or medicine. Our body will release a signal by releasing the endorphin to make us feel happy and cheerful.

I have been practicing these yoga poses since few years ago. It really makes my body feel better. I strongly recommend it to you regardless you are man or woman. You will gain a lot of benefits by practicing yoga.

  1. Improve your focusing 

  2. Improve your balancing

  3. Lose weight 

  4. Improve your appetite

  5. Stretching your body  

  6. Heal the muscle pain

  7. Heal the headache


Besides killing our moody feeling, isn’t it a good move to slim down our obesity through the workout? Many people lack of interest and confident especially dealing with people at work or school due to overweight. Lacking appetite, no interest in doing anything, no goal on career path are the symptoms of being depression. So, please don’t sit and wait there. Hurry move your ass now to make it sweats like crazy, to burn all the fat and kill all he blue mood. (Let me know by sharing your feeling of before and after sweating, ok?)

The world is beautiful, we should paint our daily chapter in colorful by doing things to make us happy. Look up and breathe slowly each time when you feel down and stress. We deserve the happy code to live youthful and beautifully. Laugh again like a kid without worry too much. One, two, three…let’s smile again at least 🙂



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