All Pains Are Gift To Us…

Pain, I believe it hurts the most for everyone regardless broke up from a relationship, cheated by our loved one or fighting with family. It is devastating feeling like end of the world. We all felt and experienced the pain or we never grow up and learned from things or people in our lives.

It’s painfully memories for each of us. No one likes to be hurt but who can avoid it? You think you are smart enough to avert getting hurt again after the past experience but it’s just repeating the same thing unless you really got the huge mischief happened to you. The cost of getting painful is worthy for me. I always believe things happen for a reason. If God wanted me to learn from the pain, I will cherish and embrace it. It just needs some time to figure it how to prevent the same thing happen to me again.

Pain from broke up makes us feel overwhelming and devastating. It’s dreadful experience that might be happened to anyone who can’t even move on but still lingering to the past memories. Who doesn’t want to keep the relationship lasting with the one we fell in love. If he or she is fated with you, they will never ever going to leave you and broke your heart. Those are leaving you by breaking your heart are never going to be your Mr. and Ms. right.

Pain from cheating makes us lack of confident in believing others. Isn’t it good lesson to keep reminding us for not trusting other easily after we learned from the past lesson. Indeed, it’s a gift to feel the pain so we always remind ourselves never going to trust someone easily in the first place but be wise to defend ourselves by observing someone we just met with more time. I know it is hard to let go the pain of cheating by someone we trusted and loved. The only thing to avoid such thing happen would be trusting our first gut feeling at the first place. If you sense and feel things go wrong or doubtful, go with your feeling and get rid of such unwanted hurt that what I usually did.

Pain from family issue makes us grow with insecure feeling till some of us might have no faith in building our own family. Parents and siblings are playing main role to grown us up. Their hurting is huge impact till make us run away from the stress by taking drug or drinking. Eventually we are the one who suffer till to affect our health, school, and career. If thing we can’t change the current family situation, why don’t we just create a happy life instead of being part of victim of the family issue.


No….No…No… Forget about all those pains that take us down but take it as a reminder. Maybe some people still wander the feeling of pain to make ourselves miserable but one thing we have to remember, we cry hard here alone but the one who hurts us is never going to know the painful on us but live happily with their other half. Is it worth when you ask yourself before you fall in the grievance. It’s not even worth to tear our heart apart.

Believe me, one day you will appreciate for those who had hurt you to make you be stronger and tougher. Those who left and broke your heart as they never are the right partner to be with, those who cheated on you make you smarter and wiser in choosing friends, those pain brought from family makes you know you won’t make the same mistakes to your kids. Yes, those are a beautiful gifts to us from all the pains we faced.

Sadness makes us weak, It makes us insomnia, lack appetite, avoid sociable life, no interest in doing anything. Life is so beautiful if we create and paint it like rainbow. We need to be sturdy to protect our feeling and understand the importance of our needs and goal. Close your eyes and think deeply, let me know is the pain a gift for you?

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