Money? Relationship? It’s Really NOT A Big Deal…

Basically, there are two things that make us stress and suffer, either is money or relationship.

No money no honey, perhaps many of us heard this before. Indeed, it’s true because we live in the high technology era. We obsess with branded stuffs shared on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. How many of us are envy on those things that shared randomly by our friends? I believe there are many people are longing about it.

Money can grows oneself’s ego but not status. Some people like to spend thousands in buying jewelry, branded handbag, and nice car. They feel good as those can fulfill their emptiness. Besides, some relationships does build up based on the money factor. I will not deny that at certain point where we need to spend money for anniversary gift or traveling with our lover, buy a comfy house for settling down. At this point, money do play a significant role to maintain the relationship and family.

However, money can’t buy happiness, It is Yes and No. It can buy short-term relationship but not true love. It can buy short term friendship but not real friends. Do you know many wealthy people are unhappy in their life? Why? They are rich and suppose to be happy but unfortunately they are not. This is because these people have no time for their loved one and family due to long hours working everyday. They ignore health because of busy in making money for pursuing the luxurious life. I strongly believe time and health are more important than anything which money can’t buy it. Without healthy lifestyle, how to traveling with your money? Without spending time with family, how to expect the kids would feel the love from their parents.

Many girls are looking for wealthy man. Why we couldn’t earn our honest income instead of asking someone to pay for it. Don’t you feel more proud of yourself if you could buy your dream car or house by your hard earned money? You will definitely feel value about yourself if you do not rely on someone who financially support you. So stop being dependent but must learn how to be financial independent.

Talking about the relationship, millions and millions of people have lost and suffered from the pain and failure of the relationship or marriage. People are no longer believe in man or woman after hurt and cheated by their exes. Divorce couples are no more faith believing in marriage. What a sad storied here…

Yes, it is really sad and heart broken after broke up with someone we loved, but we should learn to move on. We deserve cry and grieve for some time. If you realize it’s just a process to understand what you really need and want from relationship, you feel break up earlier is better than divorce later.

What we actually learn from the relationship? Communication is a key for all couples. Nothing will last without communication and understandable. It’s time to learn and let go. Fighting is never easy for everyone. Why not live in peaceful and happily everyday?


Are you bothering from money or relationship now? What a big deal if we lost it. We still can find our true love and money sooner. Well, if you are never broke up with your ex, you will never know how lucky you are with your husband or wife now. Indeed, tt is a gift from the broke up and separation if you think twice and wise. Don’t you feel free and relief from a broken relationship? Is it better you get rid of living in zombie life and dramas with fighting and crying everyday? Reading till now, you might think you need a gasp if you are one of them…Actually it is true, we change because we don’t want the life that make us tearful and gloomy.

Stop looking back but embrace and learn the best moment from the past lesson. I’m sure there are some sweet memories from the past relationship. Those are gifts to all of us. Let’s make a big move on and and wave to our next chapter.

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