Happy Mood Makes A Happy You!

Believe it or not, everything will be beautifully when you live happily.  But you will see the world up side down if you are unhappy everyday.

You found everyone and everything around you just so right when you are always happy and positive. Having a good mood is not often happened to us but once you have a day with positive vibe, seize the chance to cheer your life.

Do the thing you want to do it for long. Call your friend who has lost contact for years and exchange the missing moment of gathering with him or her. You will surprise that sharing stories is so fun and quality with someone you care. And because of this move, you start to hang out with those you love to be with. Who knows you both can do things together such as cooking, playing game, traveling. It’s unexpectedly move if you pick up your phone to call them today.

Another way to make you carry the happiness mood when you write down your weekly plan. You feel alive and productive as you scheduled yourself in a happy path. No time for sorrow and grief for the past. So roll your sleeve, tight your hair, smile in front of the mirror and telling yourself you wanna to be a sunshine person.

The easy way is always start from yourself. Change your hair color or hair style today if you are sick of it. Get yourself a new look will create a happy mood in you. Next, move your body, it’s not only keep you in healthy but it maintain a fit body shape of you. Dress yourself with the brighter color that you never try, you will see a different of you easily after these three changes.

Now, it’s time to walk out with your calm and confident smiling. Visiting a bookstore is one of the good choice to widen and foster a reading as a hobby. Get some ideas and knowledge on the thing that you think you need to improve. Once you fulfill with the needed information about your weakness, you feel confident to overcome the fears about yourself.

The first thing I suggest to do will be having more gathering with family, talk to our parents and siblings more often is the best way to put yourself in a happy life. Share things and thoughts with your family. I’m sure they will fully support your point of view as family is the best listener to us. Invite them for a movie or dinner once a while, it’s the most valuable thing to keep good relationship with our family.

If you have budget that allow you go for traveling, it’s a best way to boost yourself with new things and people. You will find out that the world is as big as the sky and we are just too tiny and narrow minded. Make some new friends during your trip is a extra gift if you have a chance to meet one. Understanding the local culture will create a quality trip too. Learn some local language is the best way that I like to do when I traveling as people are getting closer easily even though we communicate with different language.Sum up your happy diary weekly or monthly if you are too busy. Best way is sharing your stories via blogging. Let’s the world see what in your mind and the thing you have learned so that they can learn from you too.

Every single place and people we met is not just a coincident, it’s all fated. Thus, we should cherish those things. Say thank you to those you appreciate. Say I love you to those you love. Smile to someone who smiles at you. It’s very easy to be happy after you found the happiness code. It’s all depend the choice you make either you want to laugh today or cry alone.

If you like to share your current feeling or stories, you may leave your comment below and we can share thing together.


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