7 Steps To Keep Your Mind Fresh Everyday

Without proper resting and planning, it is hard to keep a fresh mind and energetic everyday. Although it is daily routine but it keeps us going with healthy lifestyle if we organized well on our timing. It is not only boost our mood but can save us a lot of time to do the things if we planned well. I will share what make me having fun of doing these routines in next blog. A fresh and healthy routine can make you to having a blossom day and thrived mood.

1. Sleep Early

I like to do yoga or meditation before go to the bed. It does unwind and free my mind and body by setting it to the sleepy mood. Avoid reading some news that excited or sad which can influence the quality of sleeping. You can choose to read some healthy article or motivation book. At least we learn something new before bed that I love to do it everyday. Grab your notebook to jot down at least one or two things that make you happy and grateful during the day. You found yourself become more grateful person if you practice this habit every night.
Go to the bed around 10pm or 11pm is the ideal time for having 7 hours resting at least. You will find the huge different by sleeping one hour earlier if you are night owl. It definitely can keep you going without tired and exhausted on the next day. We rest for the next day, so make your body fully rest and free of any unwanted or negative thinking that might caused you can’t having a good sleep.

 2. Prep the Next Day Meal

In order to save some time for the next rushing morning before work, I prefer prep my breakfast with overnight oat and prep the ingredient for lunch and dinner before go to bed. It does save a lot of time for me in the morning. I can do more things like reading some news while having my breakfast with listening my favorite morning jazz music.
Never skip breakfast to keep your body full with energy in the morning. Spend time to prep your favorite breakfast and lunch. I like to search the recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe for prepping my daily meal. Each meal is so important to keep us healthy and robust. So maybe you can start to invest little time to prepare your next day meal like what I do.

3. Set the Alarm with Your Favorite Music

I believe many people do not like to awakening by the alarm ringtone in the morning. Here is an good idea you can try it. I set my favorite song for the alarm to wake me up. It really cheers my mood by listening it before I really get up from my bed. You may try today and I am sure you know what I mean. I smile every morning when the song that I set was awakening me. Sometimes I even sing along with the song when I was still squinting in my bed.

4. Prepare the Next Day Clothing

Select the clothing that I plan to wear for the next day become one of my habit. I can imagine my next day dress at work. Mix and match the dress to follow my feeling is one of the relaxing practice at night.  Dress well makes me feel good and confident. You can try it today but do not forget to wear the smiling with happy mood in you. You won’t feel hurry to choose your clothing that ruin your morning but can enjoy a nice breakfast with playing the morning jazz.

5. Drinking Lemon Water

The first thing I do in every morning by drinking a glass of lemon water (250ml) to keep my weight and skin healthy and happier. I believe most of you learn the benefit of having a glass of lemon water in the morning. It not only can lose weight but boost the immune system with the vitamin C contains in the lemon. Yet, after a whole night sleeping, lemon water can bring the fresh breathe to start a brand new day.

6. Light Workout

I do the light workout like plank and squat to sweat my body out. It only takes me 5 to 10 minutes to do the workout before starting my busy day. Plank is a core workout for abs and thigh which is easy to keep my body in shape effectively. I really like these two combination which shorten my time since it is such an easy workout to do before go to work.

7. Singing while Showering

Opening your voice by singing loud while you showering really makes you hyper and energetic with happy mood. I do it every morning to boost my sleepy mood. Turn on the music loud by shaking your body in the bathroom is the best of awakening your body. Singing in the shower is the best therapy for me in any way that stimulate my happy endorphin.

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