What Am I Missing In 2017?

2018 is approaching and 2017 will be ended for another month. How’s your 2017 going so far? Regardless good or bad, we need to learn from the past and do better for tomorrow.

I felt missing something in my life when I woke up every morning and before I went to bed everyday. WHY? It’s an unknown question that I kept asking myself everyday. Do you have such experience like what I encountered? If so, you should ask yourself deeply what is life about? I’m keep looking for the answer and searching the true meaning of my life. I lost myself for years. In fact, I should cherish and love the people in my life such as my lovely pet, my family, my colleagues and my friends. Those are the precious people who I love and care so much. I feel I’m not alone after listing those important people that I love. So you can try it if you have same situation as mine.I should say sorry to myself by living with self-pity in the past few years. I promised myself everyday first day in the morning that I have to smile in the mirror and be happy to enjoy the rest of the day. Indeed, everyday is a blessing day for me.

In order to make my life different, I try to improve the house interior setting and design to make it cozy and comfortable. Make a minor change does create a happy mood for the bored designs in house. Maybe you can start from decorate from your bedroom. Do some DIY or buy simple decorator do change the interior design of the house if you have little creativity or searching the ideas from online sources.

Invest time in reading is one of my first thing to do on my list. Nothing can shape our mind and knowledge without spending time in reading. Do you feel relax and peace if you visit the bookstore? I do feel it all the time especially when I lost. I strongly believe everyone of us could find the answer that we are searching from there. Try today if you have no plan to go but just want to find a quiet corner. Bookstore is your best place to calm your mind.

If you are unhappy on your current job, why still stick on it? Looking for a job that suit you and make you passionate on it. We always can change our current situation to be better. There is always a way to make us feel better.  Don’t complain if we sit on the problem we are facing, face the people we dislike, and cry due to the job dissatisfaction.

Hunting job is not that difficult if we well prepared ourselves. Your past working experience would be the best proof of skill on your resume. Tidy up your c.v today if you plan to swift your job from the unhappy place. Possessing positive thinking is the best motivation to do all the things. Never let any negativity to influence your mind. If you think it’s time to change, go for it without any hesitation. Try the new challenge today instead of stay in the comfort zone that we would never going to change after 3 or 5 years.

What about relationship? Let’s go with the flow is my daily motto. I wish those happy couples are in love will be settled down and getting married soon. For those are still single, never give up and rushing to find anyone for killing the time. Your Mr. and Ms right is waiting for you in somewhere that you never know, it just need more faith and time to be fated each other. Do not rushing to grab someone simply just because you are lonely, it is the first mistake to having a lasting and healthy relationship.

First and foremost, invest yourself before meeting your other half. You can choose to learn something new for advancing your career path. Another good option would be drill your interest to be your skill and hobby. If you like music, you can try learning to play the guitar. It is a plus to be part of your talent skill during your spare time.

Life is short. We should feel content, complete, abundant, ample and fullest in life. What is your new year resolution for 2018. Cooking, gardening, painting, reading, learning to play guitar,  charity, workout will be my next goal in this coming 2018. I feel alive and productive after setting my plan now. I should have not complain but appreciate what I have.


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