5 Reasons Why You Can’t be Happy Everyday?

Happiness is lifetime journey. Who always could be happy in any circumstances and mood? It is rare and hard to find someone who is happy everyday. This is the main purpose I created this blog for sharing my experience from the anxiety and depression.

1. Compare With Others

Yes, we need to admit it that we all like to compare ourselves with others. It happens to most people who they never satisfied things and people surrounded them. We like to complain why we don’t have good life, good relationship, good job,  good friend or confidant and etc. Is it greedy or desire? Maybe both of it caused us like to compare and complain to everything that we feel incomplete. Stop compare yourself with other. It is tiring desire. We feel suffocate if we never appreciate what we have.

2. Live In The Past

Actually we never let go the past and like to hold it to the present. The past is just a memory and experience in our lives. It will not affect our current life, but we just like to recall the past relationship who had hurt and left us behind till we feel down and sad. We can treat the past as a good lesson but by drowning ourselves with the past will not help anything. Live at the present but how? That’s why most people are always sad as they forget to live and love themselves at the moment. Enjoying the each moment that we have. After all, life is just like the subtraction, it’s gone day by day without coming back. Smart people will cherish the moment. Are you one of them?

3. Jealousy

Dump the stupid jealousy that bring your unhappy everyday. I found many of my friends and colleagues like to be jealous on everything. But the thing is they never know they are lucky compare with others. They  like to jealous on the thing they should not have it. Not many people can afford a luxurious car if they have a family with kids to school. So it’s no point to jealous a bachelor with having a nice car. Listening one side of story is too surface to believe it. We might jealous if someone shares with us for their new house or new car, but we never know how they save the money by sacrificing many other things. I share this thing doesn’t mean to ease or make you feel better. I did witness a story with me where a young guy owned a gorgeous car who live in a tiny apartment. Those own a big house by sacrificing others things like work triple hard than us. Those are real facts and we just never know but believe the thing we heard and see.

4. Low Self Esteem

After been a long time without confident towards many things, we tend to be low self-esteem but we are actually not. Improve your public speaking and sociable with different type of people. Listen more other people successful stories but not show off stories. Selecting right friends is very important to boost and improve our self esteem. Never think of anyone is beyond us. If needed, reading books to increase and widen our knowledge. Yet, we could enroll some courses that could enhance our skill and expertise for better career advancement. Never underestimate your ability and strength that you never even try to explore it. I strongly believe we can change things if we choose to be. Don’t sit and wait, time is ticking.

5. Perfectionist

Are you one of the perfectionist? If so, please do some changes in your mind. Believe it or not, no one is perfect but they try to force to be one of them. Perfectionist can’t accept any flawless in their lives till make themselves in depression. Many of us learned that most depression caused by perfection on every single thing. In fact, it’s impossible and hardly to be perfect in everything. Then why should we keep forcing ourselves to do it? If you think you have done the best at work, it has proven you put effort to complete it. Stop to be perfectionist or you will make people surrounded you tired including yourself.


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