Who Am I…

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog…This is a relaxing and happiness blog. It’s readable for all ages.

I’m Karen. I’m simple yet ordinary woman who like to share my thoughts and feelings to the world. I always wondering why the world is unhappy. This is a place where to seek the truth and meaning of happiness…

A blog where I share my thought and feeling towards life that I think we should live happily no matter in what circumstances we are facing. It’s call challenge but I call it a gift for all the things that happened to me. Learning from the past is my daily motto as we all live once in a lifetime.

Chill and relax when you are stress and down. After all, we are all just human being. Taking a break to pamper yourself. It really depends on how we want to create our daily chapter, a colorful and meaningful life is on our hand and mind not anyone else. So we should be the OWNER of happiness who laugh more and worry less.

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I will share all my favorite quotes, music, artwork, recipe, health tips, relationship tips and etc on my blog. I hope you find the peace and happy in reading my blog. Hope to hear yours stories and favorite things in your life too. Let’s learn from each other…XOXO 🙂