Never Underestimate Yourself

Have you ever heard about half-full or half-empty glass inspiration? Positive people are blessed as they still have the half full of water. However negative people are sad as they see it as half-empty glass. Well, we like to compare ourselves with others till make us feel incomplete, insecure, unhappy and dreary. It’s one of the human weakness that we always see the things that we don’t have in life. Continue reading “Never Underestimate Yourself”


Love Yourself Before Others…

Do you know you are the unique gift created by the God regardless who you are or how you look like. Thus, love yourself first so that you know how to love others. But how many of us know about this? We ignore this part due to we forgot loving ourselves is important.


Everyone has their own mission and duty deliver to others. Start understanding and knowing yourself is the first step to be happy again. Agree? If you lack of confident, it’s time to build your own personality. It is significant to shape your life from the attitude in you. Continue reading “Love Yourself Before Others…”


Say Sorry To Yourself

Learn how to say sorry to yourself is a key to be happiness. Forgive and forget the past can be doable if you let go the past.

Don’t be too harsh to yourself till fall into the trap of depression. It’s not worth at all. We all made mistakes but we should learn from the lesson instead of blame ourselves. We play smarter and smarter till will not repeat the mistakes that we made in the past.


Do you know how to be happy again?

THESE ARE THE SIX DOCTOR TO CURE YOUR DEPRESSION…. Continue reading “Say Sorry To Yourself”


You Never Be Alone…


Go with the flow

We can’t force many things in life. It just like things are always out of our control. Either we take it or leave it to make ourselves feel better and lighter…
If you are looking for a stable relationship, just let the nature takes it course. Many people stop by and left us without even care of our feeling, so why should we be so serious. It’s fair game to everyone, people are happy why should we sad solitary with our own sorrow tears.

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How I Start Blogging?

Blogging becomes one of my favorite hobby during my spare time. It’s beautiful and quiet practice when I express my thought and feeling in words. I love to write and depict my inner feeling when I confront something that I think it should be elaborated it in words. I think blogging it’s good hobby for introvert people as they like to observe, listen, express their feelings through writing it down.

By writing,  it is one of the best way to understand my inner voice. When I lost and down, I like to write down the feeling and thinking towards the situation and things that I faced. It does relieve my stress by calming down the anxious and restless mind.

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Movie Day!

What’s your favorite movie that moved you a lot? We need a break to calm our mind with our busy schedule everyday. Have you ever feel good after watching a movie? I do all the time as I learned the revelation from each movie…There are few movies I like to share with you. The Blind Side, Impossible and Lion are the movie without any complex stories behind but inspired by real story. It makes me think and learn from the movie that I think you can apply in your life too.

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