What Am I Missing In 2017?

2018 is approaching and 2017 will be ended for another month. How’s your 2017 going so far? Regardless good or bad, we need to learn from the past and do better for tomorrow.

I felt missing something in my life when I woke up every morning and before I went to bed everyday. WHY? It’s an unknown question that I kept asking myself everyday. Do you have such experience like what I encountered? If so, you should ask yourself deeply what is life about? I’m keep looking for the answer and searching the true meaning of my life. I lost myself for years. In fact, I should cherish and love the people in my life such as my lovely pet, my family, my colleagues and my friends. Those are the precious people who I love and care so much. I feel I’m not alone after listing those important people that I love. So you can try it if you have same situation as mine. Continue reading “What Am I Missing In 2017?”