5 Reasons Why You Can’t be Happy Everyday?

Happiness is lifetime journey. Who always could be happy in any circumstances and mood? It is rare and hard to find someone who is happy everyday. This is the main purpose I created this blog for sharing my experience from the anxiety and depression.

1. Compare With Others

Yes, we need to admit it that we all like to compare ourselves with others. It happens to most people who Continue reading “5 Reasons Why You Can’t be Happy Everyday?”


Money? Relationship? It’s Really NOT A Big Deal…

Basically, there are two things that make us stress and suffer, either is money or relationship.

No money no honey, perhaps many of us heard this before. Indeed, it’s true because we live in the high technology era. We obsess with branded stuffs shared on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram¬†and etc. How many of us are envy on those things that shared randomly by our friends? I believe there are many people are longing about it.

Money can grows oneself’s ego but not status. Some people like to spend thousands in buying jewelry, branded handbag, and nice car. They feel good as those can fulfill their emptiness. Besides, some relationships does build up based on the money factor. I will not deny that at certain point where we need to spend money for anniversary gift or traveling with our lover, buy a comfy house for settling down. At this point, money do play a significant role to maintain the relationship and family.

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All Pains Are Gift To Us…

Pain, I believe it hurts the most for everyone regardless broke up from a relationship, cheated by our loved one or fighting with family. It is devastating feeling like end of the world. We all felt and experienced the pain or we never grow up and learned from things or people in our lives.

It’s painfully memories for each of us. No one likes to be hurt but who can avoid it? You think you are smart enough to avert getting hurt again after the past experience but it’s just repeating the same thing unless you really got the huge mischief happened to you. The cost of getting painful is worthy for me. I always believe things happen for a reason. If God wanted me to learn from the pain, I will cherish and embrace it. It just needs some time to figure it how to prevent the same thing happen to me again. Continue reading “All Pains Are Gift To Us…”


Write a Letter to Yourself

Folks, we like to share our thoughts and feeling on social media but have you ever think of writing a letter to yourself? Through this way, you are more clear to know what exactly you want and missing in your life. Listen to your heart what you really want in life. It is effective method to understand in depth about yourself.

You may ask some questions before you start writing by 5W+1H:

  1. What is your goal in life?

    Being a successful business person?

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