All Pains Are Gift To Us…

Pain, I believe it hurts the most for everyone regardless broke up from a relationship, cheated by our loved one or fighting with family. It is devastating feeling like end of the world. We all felt and experienced the pain or we never grow up and learned from things or people in our lives.

It’s painfully memories for each of us. No one likes to be hurt but who can avoid it? You think you are smart enough to avert getting hurt again after the past experience but it’s just repeating the same thing unless you really got the huge mischief happened to you. The cost of getting painful is worthy for me. I always believe things happen for a reason. If God wanted me to learn from the pain, I will cherish and embrace it. It just needs some time to figure it how to prevent the same thing happen to me again. Continue reading “All Pains Are Gift To Us…”


Knock Down The Bad Mood by Sweating Your Body Today

Believe me, I’ve been through the process by sweating my body when I feel depressed. The energy of shaping your positive vibe created right after the workout. You feel lighter and higher in mood from the workout you just did. For me, it’s best remedy to heal your melancholy.

Yoga is the best ideal to calm our distressed and anxious mood. It’s the best way to cure the negativity thinking compare in taking the supplement or medicine. Our body will release a signal by releasing the endorphin to make us feel happy and cheerful.

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